Chlorosis in maple trees.jpg

                                                   Chlorosis in a maple tree





















This problem often occurs in alkaline soils. There are several ways to treat chlorosis without involving a specialist. When a tree is as bad as you see in this picture, we recommend using EDDHA Iron Chelate 6.0% concentrate. We recommend this formula when the soil pH is 7.0 or greater. Homeowners often start seeing results within two to three weeks after applying. This product is a powder and it's important to follow directions when applying any water soluble product.

The second product is Medicap FE systemic Iron implants for trees. This requires you drill a 3/8-inch hole in a tree. The amount of product depends on the diameter of the trunk and the directions are clearly stated on the package. We recommend using Medicap FE systemic Iron Implants for chlorosis in an Autumn Blaze maple for example.

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