The Home & Garden Store has a complete line of fertilizers. Most of our fertilizers are sold under the Natural Guard, Ferti-lome, Hi-Yield and IFA labels. The first three labels are under the farm group, VPG. They have been selling to farmers for many years and are now available to the consumer. Farmers depend on quality and you too can trust that their products are some of the finest products available. There are several national brands that advertise heavily and they need to do so since quality isn't always their first goal. The other label we carry is IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association). Their fertilizers are manufactured right in our region. They know our climate, our soil conditions and have a vast knowledge of what it takes to produce quality fertilizers for the urban landscape. We carry an organic fertilizer under the 'Natural Guard' label.

We sell both organic and inorganic chemicals. Most of our organic chemicals are under the "Natural Guard" label and many but not all inorganic chemicals are manufactured by Bonide, Monterey, Hi-Yield as well as a few other brands. Not all chemicals are manufactured the same and you can trust the products we carry at The Home & Garden Store. Quality is important, both to you, our customer and it's equally important to us. When you have success, then we will have success knowing that we have solved your potential problem.

We have been in the landscape and nursery industry for over 43 years and are quite familiar with the products you need to maintain a healthy lawn and landscape. You can depend on us to help you with all your insect, lawn and landscape needs!

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