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Need a landscape plan?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Are you interested in having a professional landscape design? At The Home & Garden Store we are experts in knowing plants! We know where and how to plant them, the care required to make them grow and the proper soil conditions to make your plants perform their best. At our nursery we have thousands of plants that often take special care to make them perform their best and when you have one of our experts design a landscape plan, we pass that knowledge on in the way of design skills.

Best of all, you can install the plants yourself at your leisure or you can ask us for a recommendation for a qualified landscape installer to do the work for you.

For a professional landscape design, please call Dennis at 208.484.7044 (cell phone) or Charlie at 208.917.4820 (garden center). We are professionals in design, providing maintenance of your shrubs and trees and many other services you have come to expect from a professional landscape and maintenance company. We’re here to help you get the professional design and service you deserve.

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