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Plant Rentals and Other Rentals - Terms and Conditions

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Thank you for giving The Home & Garden Store an opportunity to serve your special event. To ensure that your plants return to us in the same condition that they left The Home & Garden Store, please remember the following conditions:

1. Water all plants everyday. When they are at our nursery, they are watered daily. If you or your company are having a weekend event and receive the plants on Friday for example, you must water them at least once on Saturday, once on Sunday and we will pick them up on Monday. Remember, the person/company that picks them up is responsible for their care.

2. A common misconception is that if the plants are kept indoors, they won’t need to be watered each day. This is incorrect and your plants will begin to show damage during the following week if not sooner. Leaving plants indoors longer than two days can actually damage them, especially during extreme conditions such as cold or heat.

3. If you decorate the plant containers, please remember to remove all foil, wrapping paper, bows, etc. from each pot before they are scheduled for pick up or return.

4. Plants are very delicate so please handle them with care. Branches may easily be broken if not handled correctly. Always move your plants by the pot, not the branches or trunks.

5. If you are using lights on the plants, please use care in the installation and removal so branches are not damaged.

6. Damaged, dead or missing plants will become your property and you will be billed for them at our regular price.

If you have any questions about the care of our plants, please contact us at 208.917.4820 for further information.

Our delivery rates to your site start at $38.00. Pickup of our product(s) from your site starts at the same rate. Rates are based solely on zip code and are not negotiable. We will pickup and/or deliver products from other sites. Let us know where and how the pickup is to be handled and we will quote you a charge for that service. Any costs associated with other sites must be paid by the customer/company prior to pickup. The Home & Garden Store will pickup and deliver products to you as long as they are within 20 miles of our retail store. We do not deliver outside the 20-mile radius. All product must be paid for in advance of pickup/delivery. As with all our products, we do not rent/lease or sell any product over the internet, by phone or any other means other than you coming into our retail store. We accept cash or credit cards as approved methods of payment. If you pay by cash, you must have a receipt showing you made payment with that method of payment. This is to protect both you and The Home & Garden Store should a question arise regarding payment.

To transport our products in your vehicle, you must have a covered vehicle, enclosed trailer, fabric tarp or such other device to cover any product rented from us. Autos are not accepted as a means of transportation in most instances. Rental fees for our services cover the rental cost for 48 hours. Product kept longer than the 48 hours stated are subject to the costs contained in the information below.

A minimum charge of $100.00 per rental date applies. We require a deposit for the full retail value of all products before pick up and/or delivery. Costs for product(s) less the rental costs will refunded when all plant material/product is returned in good condition. All plants must be watered daily. All lights, wrapping or additional decorations, staples, tape, etc. must be removed before returning products. All plants must be consolidated into one area for pick up after an event if we are to pickup product(s). Please note you will be charged for plants/product(s) returned in less than perfect condition. The condition of any product will be determined by management of The Home & Garden Store. If you have a question about the condition of an item, you must make management of The Home & Garden Store aware of any such condition prior to taking control of the item and have it noted and signed by both you and the delivery person/management of The Home & Garden Store. That way we are both assured of the condition of any product you have that might be in question. It’s also advisable to take a picture of any product at the same time and we will attempt to do the same.

We can rent trellis, arbors and other items to make your event successful. For more information, contact us at 208.917.4820.

Rental Fees...

Rent plants from The Home & Garden Store
We rent plants and garden supplies for special events...

5 gallon shrubs and trees - $5.00 per rental period.

6 to 10 gallon shrubs and trees - $20.00 per rental period.

5 to 10 gallon Topiary/Spiral/Espalier plants - $40.00 per rental period.

Plants larger than 10 gallons – See management for rental/retail rates.

A rental period is 48 hours. Items kept longer than 48 hours are subject to these additional charges:

5 gallon shrubs and trees - $3.00 per item per day.

6 to 10 gallon shrubs and trees - $10.00 per item per day.

5 to 10 gallon Topiary/Spiral/Espalier plants - $25.00 per item per day.

Plants larger than 10 gallons - See management for rental/retail rates.

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