Spring Fertilization

Early spring is a great time to fertilize your lawn and Ferti-lome 'Greenmaker' is absolutely the best fertilizer you can buy. Why do we say that? One of the most important elements necessary for having a beautiful deep, dark green lawn is iron. Unlike parts of Oregon, Washington, and California where a sufficient amount of iron is available for plant production, we are well below the amount of iron that produces the results most of us strive for. Ferti-lome Greenmaker also contains a slow-release nitrogen. So what's the value to this? Slow release nitrogen will feed the plant for a greater length of time verses a nitrogen compound such as 20-0-0 which typically releases this element rather quickly. Third reason to fertilize now is that Greenmaker lies in the soil and starts releasing its elements as the weather warms the soil. Another reason for fertilizing now is moisture. Typically, we receive a great portion of our annual rain in the spring which will take the necessary elements down to the root system where it needs to be.

We hope this information is of some help, but if you have any questions, please feel to give us a call at 208.917.4820. We're here to help you achieve an outstanding lawn that you can be proud of.

The staff of The Home & Garden Store

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