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Themed Rock Sculptures

Updated: Jul 9

Lightweight and formed to fit your landscape...

Do you have a rock creation in mind but don't have the funds needed to create an elebrate design? Of course The Home & Garden Store doesn't create these artificial boulders with waterways and areas to plant gorgeous plants, but we can help you with your project by supplying the information necessary. We are working with a company known as 'Capstone Creations' who has been involved with gardeners just like you in designing and implementing creative rock designs for your landscape. So if you're interested in having a magnificent rock sculpture in your backyard, give us a call and we will get you in contact with one of their sales associates. Just give us a call at 208.917.4820 to find out more.

The Home & Garden Store is not affiliated with Capstone Creations. They are an independent company that displays their product at our location. The 'Capstone Creations' display here at our garden center/nursery was created and built on site by their employees.

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