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Woodstock Chimes

The Home & Garden Store is now a dealer for Woodstock chimes and we feel there is no better windchime on the market that even comes close to the quality of these outstanding musical chimes. Stop by our garden center today and see our beautiful display of Woodstock windchimes.

To tell you a little about Woodstock chimes and why The Home & Garden Store selected this fine line of chimes, the company was started in 1979 by Garry Kvistad, a grammy award-winning musician. Woodstock chimes are musically tuned which provides a variety of high-quality sound from their chimes.

Their chimes make great gifts for any occasion and are a joy to listen to at home. Woodstock chimes are played by the wind and are perfectly tuned using the ancient system of purity known as "just intonation." They are available with tunings from famous melodies, exotic locales and other musical scales.

Woodstock chimes are "The World's Favorite Windchime." Again, please stop by at your convenience and see and listen to this fine line of windchimes from Woodstock.

Dennis C.

Chief Executive Officer

The Home & Garden Store - Boise, Idaho

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