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Slugs in the garden...

Insects - Slugs on  Vegetables

 Slugs are often quite prevalent in shady areas of our landscape.  That’s because they dwell in shady, moist areas in your garden, not to say they won’t consume vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, etc.  You may find them there during the late evening and nighttime.  And keep in mind that slugs are not finicky about what they eat as they’ll eat your most treasured plant.  If you find plants with holes in the leaves or the edges being eaten, you likely have slug damage.  This is not to say that its not loopers or some other insect.  If you’re not certain, bring a cutting into our garden center and let us identify the problem for you.  Our general manager has over 44 years of experience in identifying garden problems and is an Idaho Certified Nurseryman. 


Control these pesky creatures by using Natural Guard ‘Diatomaceous Earth’ or Bonide ‘Bug & Slug Killer’.  We like the former, although either product works just fine.  Diatomaceous Earth is organic and not only controls slugs, but many other insects including earwigs, ants, and grasshoppers.  When applying either of these products, it’s best to apply lightly and often rather than seldom and heavy.  Moisture will dissipate either product quickly, so it’s important to apply regularly.


For help with slugs as well as other problems in the garden, please contact us at 208.917.4820 or stop by our nursery at 4291 S. Cloverdale Rd. in Boise, Idaho

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