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The Home & Garden Store writes articles regularly on topics of interest to the gardening enthusiast.    If you have a topic that may be of interest to gardeners such as yourself, please send an email to The Home & Garden Store and we will do our best to include an article in a future publication on the topic you requested. 

You can contact us through the ‘Contact Us’ webpage on our website or if you just have a question on how to plant a shrub or tree, we can help you with that too, just call us at 208.917.4820.  We have over 48 years of experience with an Idaho Certified Nurseryman available to answer all your gardening questions.

Do you have a need to identify a plant?  Bring a sample or picture into our store at the address located on the ‘Home Page’.  When possible, include several pictures of the plant along with any leaf samples that may exist.  We are professionals at identifying plants and diseases found in the Treasure Valley.  We have identified plants and diseases for the largest nurseries in the Boise area.

The winter months are somewhat slow for us and when possible, we can help you design a landscape with your thoughts in mind.  Bring in a layout of your property along with any pictures of an area you need help landscaping and we’ll help you design a plan at no cost to you.  But keep in mind, this service is only free during the early winter months when we are slow at the garden center.

Please use the drop-down list on this page for specific information on current topics.

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