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Spinosad and Insecticidal Soap combined, creating a product with GREAT contact killing properties and is really FAST, working within minutes! Contains potassium salts of fatty acids and spinosad.

This is one of the BEST Spider Mite controls and also kills Beetles, nearly on contact, including Japanese Beetle and Colorado Potato Beetles. This product also kills caterpillars, leafminers, grubs, Japanese beetles, cutworms and other insects as listed on the container.

Apply 7 ounces of solution to 1 gallon of water. Uniform coverage of upper and lower leaf surfaces is essential for effective insect control. Apply at 7 day intervals, as needed.

Avoid spraying stressed plants and spray in the morning or overcast day.

Always Read and Follow Label Directions

Ferti-lome Spinosad controls many types of insects
Ferti-lome Spinosad Insect Control
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