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Best sheds - Old Hickory vs. Best Built

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Which shed is best?

Okay, so we have sold both these sheds and both sheds are of exceptional quality, but which one would we choose? Best Built sheds! Why? As we just said, both are very good sheds, but the factors that we used to choose Best Built sheds over Old Hickory sheds is somewhat better quality as well as price.

Having sold both, we have had the opportunity to compare the quality and workmanship of both and in that aspect, we would not choose one over the other. So why are Old Hickory sheds more expensive? Overhead! As a dealer, we were paid a percentage on the sale of each shed. Old Hickory is located back east with a large corporate office and we assume a highly paid staff plus they have district managers who oversee sales, adding to the cost of business. They also have manufacturing sites scattered around the country, which likely adds to the cost and here in Idaho, one is located in the Burley, Idaho area. So, to get a shed from that area to the Boise and surrounding areas, they pay a shed mover to move sheds. Do you want your shed built on your property? That’s an additional 10% added to the cost and do you want it painted to match the color of your house? Not going to happen with Old Hickory. They have a limited number of colors available at the time we sold them and at an additional cost. And do you want a custom window, they don’t do that. You need to choose their standard size window, however they will install it where ever you choose on the site. Needless to say, Best Built sheds are built right here in Boise, the company owner lives here and is willing to meet with you and help you choose the proper shed for your situation. You can contact them at 208-871-4827. They are great people to work with and we recently ordered one of their sheds to use as an office at our garden center/nursery.

The general manager has been in the landscape and nursery industry for over 47 years, is an Idaho Certified Nurseryman and recommends Best Built sheds to all his customers.

Bottom line is that they cost less than Old Hickory and feature the same great workmanship and quality, thus our reason for choosing Best Built sheds.

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