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Billbugs in your lawn?

Updated: Jul 9

Boise and the surrounding area is infested with billbugs each year, however the damage they create does not show up until the weather gets hot, usually about the first to the middle of July. By then, the damage is done and your lawn suffers damage for the later half of the year. And yes, they not only create an unsightly lawn, but they can kill your beautiful lawn. There are two products that are sold to control billbug damage. One lasts for a very short period of time and the other for up to three months.

We recommend you read our blog under 'Insects' and if you have any questions, stop by our garden center and we can help you with the right products to help you control billbugs. Our 'General Manager' has been in the landscape and nursery industry for over 48 years and is an Idaho Certified Nurseryman.

Read this article to on how to control billbugs

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