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Field Bindweed

This is one of the most common perennial plants found in most parts of Idaho. Field bindweed is also one of the hardiest weeds and one of the most difficult to eradicate. This plant can put roots down as deep as 10 to 15 feet while nearly all chemicals will only kill roots within the top few feet, if that. Lateral roots typically form within the top 12 inches of soil.

The roots have the ability to penetrate even our poor clay soil. Field bindweed grows close to the ground and thrives in the garden where there is plenty of moisture, but can also live in less desirable conditions. This weed performs well in sunny conditions as well as shady areas of the landscape, however it does not thrive as well in shady conditions. Foliage is massive and can choke out more desirable plants as it quickly grows and spreads.

The light pink to white flowers on this plant are short lived and bloom best in early summer when temperatures are around 60 degrees. Seeds from field bindweed can stay dormant in the soil for nearly 50 years.

Killing bindweed is difficult, the primary reason is because of its deep root system. Pulling the top only creates multiple plants coming from the break in the root system. Our best recommendation is to use Ferti-lome “Weed Free Zone”. It takes multiple applications to rid the soil of field bindweed. We recommend spraying established plants regularly and pulling newly formed plants as soon as they appear. All plants require some sun to survive and removing/killing the foliage as soon as it appears will play a part in controlling plant growth.

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