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Poison Hemlock

Poison Hemlock

This toxic plant can be found in Idaho and is extremely poisonous to humans as well as animals! All parts of this plant are poisonous; this includes the flowers, the seeds, the leaves and the fruit of the plant. The stems are hollow and can be quite large at maturity. It is often recognized by its mottled purple spots on the stems and leaves. You should never touch or handle any part of the plant as the poison can rub off onto the hands or other parts of the body.

Poisoning occurs when any part of the plant is ingested and can cause death even when small amounts are ingested. Poison Hemlock can reach 8 to 9 feet tall and is a biennial plant. The leaves appear to be rather attractive, featuring deeply lobed, shiny, glossy green foliage. Leaves on poison hemlock are set alternately.

Some of the most common symptoms of hemlock poisoning is a rapid heart rate, muscle paralysis, convulsions or trembling. If you think you may have encountered poison hemlock, contact a medical physician immediately. There is no known antidote for hemlock poisoning.

Poison Hemlock is often found around drainage ditches, open fields, pastures, unkept lots or anywhere that other types of weed’s area allowed to grow, especially areas that are somewhat moist in nature. If you encounter poison hemlock, contact you county extension agent for advice and removal of this dangerous, poisonous plant.

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