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Planting shrubs and trees - When?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

At almost any time of the year, there are gardeners who are new to the garden and landscape profession. Some will ask if it's okay to plant shrubs and trees at that time of year.  The answer is yes for the most part.  Professional landscapers as well as many seasoned gardeners know you can plant anytime you can get a shovel in the ground (that is the ground is not frozen).  As you drive around any new subdivision, you will find landscapers busy landscaping a project.  The primary key is to keep newly planted material moist.  Over-watering and the soil will sour, under-watering and the plant may possibly die.  

If you have a gardening question, go to and use our 'Contact us' page to ask a question.  They have been in the landscape and nursery industry for over 44 years right here in the Treasure Valley and received numerous awards for outstanding designs and craftsmanship.  Let us help you with all your gardening questions.

Dennis C.

Chief Executive Officer

The Home & Garden Store - Boise, Idaho

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